Subject Verb Agreement

Exercise IV

Direction: Circle the correct verb in each of the sentences below.

1. Each of the girls in my neighbourhood (look-looks) good.

2. Everybody (was-were) asked to remain quiet in the infirmary.

3. Neither of the attendants (is-are) here yet to welcome the guests.

4. (Is-Are) each of the girls ready to go on the stage?

5. Several of the sheep (is-are) sick.

6. Only some members of the faculty (is-are) present.

7. Nobody in the class (has-have) the answer.

8. Each of the girls (observe-observes) all the regulations.

9. All of the milk (is-are) gone.

10. Most of the seats (was-were) taken.

Answers: 1. looks  2. was 3. is 4. Is 5. are 6. are 7. has 8. observes 9. is 10. were

Exercise V

Progress check on Subject verb agreement

Directions: Write the correct verb in the blank to the left of each sentence.

  1. Everybody (was-were) asked to be quiet.
  2. In a marathon, few of the starters (finishes-finish) the race.
  3. Sixty days (is-are) not enough time to complete the project.
  4. The company is in the black.  All of the workers (is-are) receiving their bonus.
  5. On our street, (is-are) many tall trees.
  6. It (don’t-doesn’t) make any difference whether we reach by hook or by crook.
  7. The value of cars and motorcycles (has-have) increased.
  8. The principal and her husband (is-are) the honoured guests.
  9. One of my friends (believe-believes) in palmistry.
  10. There (was-were) several dents in the car.
  11. Lucy (doesn’t-don’t) want to drive that long distance.
  12. Either Lucy or Heith (pay-pays) the bills in our house.
  13. A boy and a girl, seem like your classmates, (were-was) here to see you.
  14. The box of apples (is-are) on the porch. Rest, are yet to arrive.
  15. The army (is-are) conducting maneuvers in March as regular practice.
  16.  Here (come-comes) the family now.
  17. Neither of us (is-are) going to work as it’s a complete lockdown.
  18. (Doesn’t-Don’t) they know why the meeting took place?


1.was  2. finish 3. is 4. are 5. are 6. doesn’t 7. has 8. are 9. believes 10. were 11. doesn’t 12. pays 13. were 14. is 15. is 16. comes 17. is 18. Don’t

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  1. I got 15 to 18 in these exercises. These were very useful worksheets.
    Thank you ma’am.

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