Improving Your English Speaking Skills for IELTS Success

English speaking course online

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the language of business, science, medicine, and communication, making it a critical tool for personal and professional success. As a result, it increases the demand for English speaking course online. One of the most common and essential ways to assess an […]

IELTS Grammar

Exercise I       Fill in the gaps with a word from below in the correct form. If the word is countable, you may need to change it to a plural form. advice       cake       challenge      electricity    information     situation              size I’ve faced many challenges in my life, but none as difficult as this. Some of the best ………..I heard while I was […]

IELTS Grammar- Adjectives

Fill in the gaps with the below mentioned adjectives in a comparative or superlative form. brave effective heavy good expensive fast exciting happy small   I travelled through Turkey by train because it was the fastest way to cross the country. Scientists have discovered a tiny bacteria living in the deep ocean. They say it […]

IELTS Writing

Fill in the gaps in the second sentences with nouns so that they have a similar meaning to the first sentences. 1.A. She wrote books that children enjoyed. B. Children enjoyed  her writing . 2. A. Young girls are spending increasing amounts on make-up because they have been influenced by advertising. B. ………on make-up amongst […]

IELTS- Graph

Underline the best answers. The two pie charts show the average spending by households in a country at two different points in its economic development. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. The two pie charts give information about 1 what households spent their money on / […]

IELTS – Lexical Resources

Exercise IV I Underline the correct word or phrase in the sentences below. I’m very worried about the plans to build a new shopping center here.  Accordingly / Apparently my friend they want to knock down some of the houses. Apparently, / Personally, I believe that we will live longer in the future. Joshua is working this weekend so presumably / actually he […]

False Friends / Homophones / Similar Sounding Words

Exercise IV Find the antonyms or synonyms in each sentence. 1. The job of stuffing envelopes is a very tedious task. 2. Twins share many similarities, but there are always some differences between them. 3. John cut his finger while he carved the turkey. 4. My arrogant boss wore casual attire to the party when […]

Going for IELTS Speaking test?

Keep these tips in mind… Remember, IELTS Speaking test is a test of Communication Skills, not about your general knowledge.  We must focus on HOW rather that WHAT.  What if I don’t have information about the subject? – As long as you are speaking confidently, you are on the right track.  You can suggest your […]

Last Minute Preparation on the Day of Your IELTS Examination

What to do on the day of IELTS examination is just as important as preparing for it! Your presentation on the day plays an important role in making an impression on the examiner. Preparing yourself well for the examination and grooming yourself for it go hand in hand for securing a high IELTS band score. […]

IELTS – Synonyms for few words

Nice- enjoyable, pleasurable, thoughtful, lovely, likely, pleasing, gracious, cordial, admirable, considerate Good- excellent, amazing, wonderful, pleasant, marvelous, exceptional, fantastic, outstanding, terrific, splendid, stupendous Bad- awful, rotten, naughty, dreadful, nasty, wicked, lousy, terrible, unpleasant, disagreeable Sad- depressed, gloomy, miserable, cheerless, unhappy, gloomy, sorrowful, upset, tearful Happy- cheerful, delighted, pleased, joyful, content, jovial, amused, merry, thrilled, elated […]