English Speaking Course​

English-speaking courses offered by Primetech Edufolks, such as Core English, Business English, and Corporate English, cater to individuals who want to improve their English language skills. These courses aim to help learners develop their fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and confidence in speaking English. Core English focuses on the basics of the language, while Business English and Corporate English are […]

Importance of the Best Online Business English Speaking Course

Being one of the global and most spoken languages, it is important to learn English for several purposes. That will also include the requirement of speaking English for any business. So, you need to learn that from one of the best business English online classesand Primetech Edufolks can be one of those. Keep scrolling through […]

How To Choose the Best Presentation Courses Online?

No matter what type of industry you are talking about, you need to make presentations and show those to your client for better opportunities. A perfect and unique presentation can convert a “No” to a “Yes”. We, Primetech Edufolks  take care of that part the most with our presentation skills online course. The demand for […]

Corporate English Speaking: The Latest Trend

Different sectors demand different types of communication and approaches. That is the same for the corporate world too, and that is why it is important to know the perfect way to communicate in the corporate industry as well. So, to communicate perfectly you must have corporate English language trainingand that should also be from somewhere […]

Best Interview Skills Online Training: A Guide

To get a job at any company, you need to be impressive in your every answer at the interview. So, you need to know how to approach an interview while giving your best to crack that and got the job that you want. That is why, you can get training in which you will be […]

Improving Your English Speaking Skills for IELTS Success

English speaking course online

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the language of business, science, medicine, and communication, making it a critical tool for personal and professional success. As a result, it increases the demand for English speaking course online. One of the most common and essential ways to assess an […]

Vocabulary Building – add power to the words (II)

Exercise 4 In Rome long ago, only the emperor and his family could wear purple. Others were forbidden to wear that color! 1. In this paragraph, the word forbidden meansA. chosenB. encouragedC. spokenD. not allowed When a whip is snapped, it makes a loud cracking sound. Whips canaccelerate to a speed of more than 700 […]

Vocabulary Building – add power to the words (I)

Exercise 5 A blimp is a small airship. It doesn’t have a metal frame to give it shape. But a blimp does have a strong bag that is filled with gas. The gas makes the blimp float. When the gas is taken out, the blimp collapses. 1.In this paragraph, the word collapses meansA. falls downB. […]


Match the followings. Questions Answers 1. How long will you be here? a. About twice a month 2. Do you often travel abroad? b. I do yoga. 3. Where are you staying? c. I do not know the exact date but I think in 2005. 4. How long have you been with the company? d. […]


Circle the correct option. How much/ How many time do we have? How much She has a lot of friends but neither/ either of them lives close to her apartment. The children have eaten too many/ much junk food today. Anne and Ginny are twins. Both of/ All of them are very intelligent. The only […]